Traumeel Injections: Uses, Success Rate, and Recommendations

There is a great alternative to cortisone injections.  Traumeel is a non-cortisone treatment for inflammation and pain.  It is a sterile injectable solution that we utilize at our clinic under ultrasound guidance.  Traumeel can effectively reduce inflammation and pain after an injury. 
This is a great tool to have for problems such as Achilles tendinitis, peroneal tendinitis or posterior tibial tendinitis.  In these situations our first goal is to treat the mechanical component of the problem.
But there is also the inflammatory component of the problem that we need to address.  In that case we cannot use cortisone for example with Achilles tendon because it could make it more prone to rupture and further damage.  It also may delay healing long-term.  But Traumeel is a blend of mineral extracts and botanical's with the ability to reduce inflammation and pain.
Typically we would do a minimum of 2 or 3 injections spaced one or 2 weeks apart.  Often there is pain relief within 24 hours after the first injection.  It may be helpful to combine this with the use of a brace or cast boot if there is a lot of inflammation.  This can be discussed and determined at our clinic.  The injection  of the Traumeel itself should be painless.  Prior to the injection of the Traumeel we would use lidocaine or Marcaine which is a local anesthetic–and we have special techniques to help minimize any discomfort from local anesthetic injection.  Many of our patients are able to resume normal activities within 24 hours.
If you have questions about treatments with Traumeel please contact myself Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson at Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists –
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