Tips for Healthy Holiday Feet

Make sure your feet stay healthy and in "tip-toe" shape for the holidays.  Here are some preventive tips for you:

  • Don't compromise comfort and safety when selecting the right shoes to wear when hitting the dance floor or shopping malls.  Try to stay away from shoes that are not worn very often or have overly hi
    gh-heels and narrow fitting.  These type of shoes can cause blisters, calluses, and swelling and severe ankle injuries.  Selecting a shoe that has a low heel and fits your foot in length, width, and depth while you are standing is a wiser choice.
  • Try not to overindulge in holiday cheer - your feet will feel the effects of overdoing it.  Certain foods such as shellfish, red meat, red wine and beer can trigger extremely painful gout attacks.  Uric acid can build up and crystallize in and around your joints triggering gout.
  • Be cautious at the pedicure salons.  Nail salons can be a breeding ground for bacteria, including MRSA.  To reduce your risk of infection, choose a salon that follows proper sanitation practices and is licensed by the state.  You may also want to bring along your own pedicure instruments to your appointment.
  • Watch for ice and snow.  Wearing a shoe or boot with a traction sole will prevent serious ankle injuries if you incur icy, snowy walking conditions.  Ice accelerates the fall and often causes more severe trauma, because the foot can move in any direction after it slips.
  • Listen to your feet - don't let foot pain ruin your holiday fun.  If you notice any pain, swelling or signs of problems, contact your podiatrist. 
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