The Best Washington Foot & Ankle Surgery Center

Foot and ankle surgery in Bellevue and Seattle is best done at a certified foot and ankle surgery center. At Washington Foot and Ankle Surgery Center we perform only foot and ankle surgery. Our center is highly specialized and provides the best location to have foot and ankle surgery for Issaquah, Bellevue, Seattle, Kirkland and Renton. We perform hundreds of procedures a year and have serviced thousands of patients. The majority of our cases can be performed with just IV sedation which is much safer than general sedation and provides a great experience with much less positive nausea and pain. We have specialized pain blocks that can be used to numb the entire foot and ankle creating much less postoperative pain. In addition, there is a huge cost saving advantage by having it done at the Washington Foot and Ankle Surgery Center as opposed to another outpatient surgery procedure or hospital. Often patients that we have save thousands of dollars as compared to other facilities. If you are contemplating foot and ankle surgery, have a second opinion at the Washington Foot and Ankle Surgery Center. We will save you time and money.

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