The Best Home Remedy For Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails are basically a bacterial infection in your nail border. Most people experience pain and swelling with some drainage from the site. It seems to be more common with children than adults, and and more so in boys than girls. There also appears to be a genetic predisposition, where usually somebody else has suffered from them in the past, like their dad. People try all types of home remedies to speak of. Kids learn all sorts of ideas like cutting a notch in the toenail, placing cotton under the corners of the nails, and more extreme ideas like performing your own removal of the nail. I can tell you none of these work.

The best option is to soak the nail. I recommend soaking the nail twice daily in 2 tbsp. of Epsom salts and warm water for 10 minutes. Then cover the nail with antibiotic ointment and a bandage. If the offending nail does not resolve in a couple days it is recommended to see your local podiatrist. Usually oral antibiotics only prolong the inevitable. I see quite a few people that try multiple rounds of oral antibiotics, all to no avail. It is much easier to come in and have the nail fixed. The procedure itself is simple and quite quick to perform. Patients always wonder why they didn’t come in sooner. If you are suffering from an ingrown we will happily help you resolve that painful nail so you can enjoy the rest of your summer. 

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