The Best and Most Effective Treatment Options for Neuromas

Neuromas are extremely painful. Patients often experience pain and burning in their toes that is worse with shoes. Most often these neuromas are more common in women than men and usually become more painful with time. Some people feel pins and needles, some experience numbness and some just have a pain in their toes with walking. A neuroma usually occurs in the front of one's foot between the toes. Typically it is located between the 3rd and 4th metatarsals and affects woman in the 4th to 6th decade of life. High heel shoes and pointed shoes often make the pain worse and it is common to take off your shoes and want to rub the front of your foot.

One of the most highly successful therapy options we have available is injections of dehydrated alcohol. The alcohol acts to dehydrate the nerve and stop the transmission of the pain signal. In our clinic we use an ultrasound guided injection. This allows us to visualize the nerve and the needle at the same time making sure we inject perfectly every time. The success rate for this procedure and the elimination of pain approaches 90%. If you are contemplating surgery and would like a second opinion to see if this therapy is appropriate for you contact us today. 

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