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The statistics say about 60% of American adults with suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point in their life. The symptoms most commonly associated with plantar fasciitis include; pain in the morning, pain after walking or a burning or bruised sensation to the heel. Plantar fasciitis is best used to describe these symptoms if they have been present for only a few months. After a few months it is more accurate to describe it as plantar fasciosis. Plantar fasciosis refers to a chronic inflamed process of the heel as opposed to an acute.

Plantar fasciitis is by far the most common reason a patient will visit a podiatrist. Heel pain can be extremely challenging and quite debilitating. Often patients that present to Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists have seen other physicians and are hoping for a miracle. Well I can tell you we always have a treatment routine that has not been tried as we are the number one source for heel pain in Washington State. We treat other physicians and medical providers on a regular basis as they know we have the latest technology and research combined to maximize outcomes for patients. If you suffer from heel pain let us help you heal.

If you are experiencing heel pain, give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online. 
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Heel pain or plantar fasciitis continues to be the number one reason people visit a foot and ankle doctor or a podiatrist. Heel pain or pain when you first get up in the morning can be extremely uncomfortable. Many patients that we treat have seen multiple other doctors or physical therapists. Patients have often spent months going to physical therapy and are continuing to go weekly.

I think physical therapy is a great modality and can be highly beneficial for many conditions. However, for heel pain or plantar fasciitis we almost never send patients to physical therapy. The reason being is we cure the problem. At Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialist, home of the Washington Heel Pain Center we have developed a protocol that has an almost 100% cure rate for plantar fasciitis. If you are still suffering daily with heel pain come see us and we will help you get rid of it once and for all. Give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online. Our Issaquah Podiatrists would love to see you!

Plantar fasciitis by far continues to be the most common presenting symptom to any foot and ankle physician. At Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists, that is our primary focus and dedication. We've seen an incredible amount of patients with heel pain and continue to dedicate our practice to curing heel pain. Our treatment modalities for heel pain continue to evolve as current research supports changing and new techniques and modalities. We recently had developed a protocol that that approaches almost 100% cure rate for plantar fasciitis with no surgery.

We see many patients that have seen multiple other physicians and physical therapist and chiropractor to continue to have a significant amount of heel pain. If you continue to suffer from heel pain, give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment today and we will help you fix your heel pain permanently.
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How to Cure Plantar Fasciitis Once and For All


A lot of Americans continue to struggle with plantar fasciitis. Approximately 60% of American adults will have this at some point in their life. The majority of people with plantar fasciitis type symptoms have pain in the morning or pain after prolonged periods of rest. The main line of therapy to start with usually consist of stretching and icing and not going barefoot. More advanced therapies can be a prescription orthotic or an injection like steroids for anti-inflammatories.

Many patients that have been treated for plantar fasciitis regardless of the treatment that has been attempted continue to have significant pain and dysfunction. At Issaquah Foot and Ankle Specialists, we have developed a plantar fascial protocol that approach is approximately 98%. This is by far the best protocols that we have seen in the literature and discussed with other colleagues. We see a lot of patients that are seeking second and third opinions and wanted an option apart from surgical intervention. Our protocol has taken approximately 10 years to perfect and we have used it on thousands of patients and have seen tremendous results. If you continue to suffer from heel pain or would like a second opinion to stop heel pain once and for all please give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today.
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