Summer Foot & Ankle Tips From the Specialists

Summer is here and people in the Pacific Northwest are celebrating by doing various outdoors activities. Seattleites are beginning to hike, children are playing outside from morning till night, and there’s a lot of activity going on. Here at Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists, we enjoy our fair share of outdoors activities. We love to ski, hike, jog and swim. We have a few tips for keeping your feet and ankles healthy while doing these activities. You should always warm up before doing any physical activities. It’s good to stretch and/or slow jog for a couple of minutes before you begin your intense exercise. It’s also good to wear shoes that are good fitting. We recommend Vionic shoes. Vionic shoes are stylish, comfortable, and they have arch support to help your back. You should also avoid running on uneven slopes, because they are not good for your feet. If you feel a pain in your feet, then you should stop doing physical activities for a few days. However, if the pain does not stop, then you should consult a foot and ankle specialist. 
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