Stubborn Morton's Neuroma: Decompression Procedure

Morton's neuroma is a common problem that we see at our clinic. Morton's neuromas are located between the third and fourth metatarsals in the forefoot. It is also possible to get a neuroma between the second and third metatarsals. Treatment for both of these conditions is quite similar. We often recommend special prescription orthotics and also have special shoe recommendations. There are cortisone injections and dehydrated alcohol injections. In addition, there is also the option of surgery. The typical surgery involves resection of the nerve. If the neuroma is not particularly large (you can determine this with an MRI) then another toned down surgical option is to simply release the deep transverse intermetatarsal ligament rather than resect the nerve.

In many ways this is a way to provide relief without "burning any bridges". In some ways this is similar to doing tarsal tunnel surgery or the primary procedures just to "decompress the nerve". If you have a neuroma or believe you may have a neuroma we would be happy to see you.  If you believe you may need an injection but are reluctant to have this our clinic specializes in a technique for a much more comfortable injection. My partner Dr. Brandon Nelson and myself Dr. Timothy Young, both provide all of these treatment options, and we would be happy to see you in consultation.

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