Shoe Recommendations For Spring Sports

Spring sports are here and children are getting geared up to participate. An important decision is the selection of proper shoe gear. There are 3 things we can do when evaluating shoes. 

  • Squeeze the heel counter which is the back of the shoe an dmake sure it's nice and stiff.
  • Grab the front and back of the shoe and twisting to make sure there is some good resistance. 
  • Grab the front and back of the shoe again and push straight up to see where the shoe naturally bends -- this should occur in the front quarter of the shoe. We also recommend having shoes that are a little bigger to accommodate for increased size throughout the day. It is always important to try on the shoe even if it's the same model and same brand as some variation does occur.
With the spring sports as well it's important to maintain proper foot balance. A recent study by the American College of sports medicine has revealed that a prescription style orthotic cane decreased foot pressures by up to 20-30%. They recommend that anyone involved in sports or exercise wear a prescription orthotic. Prescription orthotic is a highly specialized device made by a foot and ankle specialist that is in no way similar to an over the counter insert. Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists has been making prescription orthotics for over 15 years and make thousands per year. We have a rigorous evaluation process. Don't forget that warming up and stretching is essential as you return to your activities. 
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