Seahawks Achilles Tendon Rupture, Richard Sherman


The poor Seahawks and Richard Sherman. This Achilles tendon rupture is a difficult injury to heal from. It is not uncommon for a weak or symptomatic Achilles tendon to be vulnerable to injury or even rupture. Certainly with a pro athlete with the extreme forces and performance that his professional football job requires.


Treatment for this would normally be surgical repair of the ruptured tendon. Additional treatments that may enhances healing could include bathing the surgical site with PRP (or platelet rich plasma) . Taking supplemental collagen can help with tendon healing postoperatively. It's always a good idea to take supplemental zinc and vitamin C also for wound healing.


Once initial healing is done, in addition to physical therapy there are special braces for achilles tendon problems and injuries. In addition shockwave therapy can be very beneficial for Achilles tendon injuries and postprocedure healing.


Richard Sherman has a long road ahead of him, but it's very likely that we'll utilize some of these cutting edge treatments to help speed up the healing process for him. 


At Issaquah foot and ankle specialists (Dr. Brandon Nelson, and Dr. Timothy Young), we see and treat Achilles tendon ruptures at our own clinic.  If you have Achilles tendon issues please contact us, we will treat you like a pro athlete.

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