Running Socks that Help Coach You

How would like a sock that tracks your running confidence, coaches you, and dispatches a message: Persistent heel-strike detected?  If so, Sensoria's Smart Fitness Socks, made by a company called Heapsylon could be a right fit for you. 

There is always the question among runners about foot-strike.  Should a runner hit the ground with the heel, the mid-foot, or the toe?  Also, how can runners lower their impact while running on concrete?

Sensoria's wearable device consists of a pair of sensor-stuffed socks, containing "e-textile technology."  The pressure sensors inside the socks assess which parts of your foot are taking the weight as you run.  There is also a clip-on Bluetooth 4.0 that contains an accelerometer, altimeter and calorie counter and attach's to the ankle of the sock with magnets.  You can then upload your data wirelessly to your computer or smart phone to track your progress. The socks are completely made of fabric and can go through the wash and dry cycles too.

The ulimate goal of the fitness sock is to help you lock in a new, safe running technique.  It can track your steps and provide advise on running style by doing a real-time gait analysis.  The sock basically helps you correct bad running habits and possibly reduce heelstriking on pavement or avoid excessive forefoot running that could lead to back pain or Achilles tendon injuries.

The sock is also a step tracker and can track inactivity.  It will notify you to take a screen break if your foot is stationary and can figure out if you are sitting down.  This feature could be useful for runners who have take a business call while out running.

Sensoria also has a real-time coaching application which can provide warnings of heel-strike or information on your overall running performance.  It can help you get into a running rhythm too by letting you select your desired stride frequency range and will cue you when needed.

Currently, Heapsylon is trying to raise $87,000 to produce the socks via its Indigogo fundraising site.  Sensoria is like a "personal trainer" in a sock.  The company says, it will allow you to see how well you exercise, walk or run - safely and pain free!

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