Post Foot Injury Exercise


How do you keep working out after an injury?


It all depends upon the injury and what level of activity that you need to do. For the most intense injuries it is very rare that you can initially still do your normal exercise. 


Once you get the green light for exercise, the next question is what can you do.


Absolute minimal impact category:

Aqua jogging: go to the deep end of the pool and put on a flotation waist strap around your waist and then run while suspended in the pool. This way the flotation allows you just to do jogging. The hydraulic action of the water against your legs gives you a very good workout.  But the same time you're not kicking like you would be with swimming, so your toes are not pointed.


A stationary bike can be very effective because you can even do this while wearing a cast boot. The next next option would be to use your heel instead of the ball of your foot on the injured side.


The next category would be very mild impact and more midfoot force exercise:

Elliptical machine, if you can do this exercise keeping your heel down you'll have much less impact and forefoot force.  

A stationary bike using your midfoot or forefoot fits here also. Swimming has virtually no impact but still can really work out the whole midfoot and forefoot.


Mild to moderate impact:

Walking on a treadmill with a short stride.  The longer the stride the more weight and force the goes through the front of your foot. More vigorous exercise bike using the ball of your foot.


In general, you will want to stay in the one category until you get the green light to go to the next category.

For example with a fracture, he would want to wait until there is some x-ray evidence of adequate bone healing before you go from one category to the next. Make sure to discuss this with your Doctor. 


If you have any injury or would like a consultation or second opinion please see myself Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson. 

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