Plantar Warts in Children

This is the last part of common condition we see in our pediatric patients

plantar wartWhat is it?

Warts are caused by the Human Papillomiavirus.  They can appear in any location on the foot but are common on the bottom or sole.  There are many different strains of the virus that produce warts but on the foot is is commonly associated with HPV strains 2, 4 and 6.  Warts can appear in clusters or as solitary lesions. 


Exposure to the virus itself causes one to contract the wart.  We see a correlation between patients who have sweaty feet or are exposed to moist environments, like avid swimmers or showers at the gym.


Most patients feel a thickening of the skin or have pain with walking.  Sometimes one is able to view tiny black dots that are actually blood vessels to the wart. 

Diagnosis and Treatment

It is important to seek the diagnosis of a foot and ankle physician.  Warts are often confused for callus or other growths.  In addition treatments that work else where on the body often are not successful on the foot.  The goal of treatment is removal of the wart as quickly as possible.  We have great success with clearing of the warts in our pediatric populations. 

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