Plantar Fibroma Treatment Options

A Plantar fibroma can be difficult to treat. At our clinic, we have come up with a very effective treatment protocol. A plantar fibroma is a combination of scar tissue, inflammation and swelling/edema involving the plantar fascia in the mid arch. It is often noticeable as a nodule or marble-like bump in the mid arch on the bottom of the foot. It is important to address the biomechanics involved, so a prescription custom orthotic with a specific accommodation for the fibroma is essential. In addition, injections of cortisone combined with dry needling are extremely effective. 

This is usually done under ultrasound guidance. Topical verapamil is an excellent adjunctive treatment. Because this is so effective the majority of our patients do not require surgery. Surgical excision of a plantar fibroma can have a high recurrence rate so its nice to have other options for our patients.

If you have these type of symptoms or problems, both myself Dr. Timothy Young, and my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson have had excellent experience and results in this regard.

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