New Advance Therapy for Posterior Tibial Tendinitis


The posterior tibial tendon, due to its anatomical structures, is prone to tearing and degeneration, which can cause increased pain and swelling. It is especially common for people with flatfeet and a tight Achilles tendon.  The disease process of the tendon can be called tendinitis or tendinopathy and with continuation of the pathology people can develop flatfoot which can lead arthritis of the joints. The most common area for this process disease to occur is right below the ankle bone due to the vascular supply in this region being tenuous.  Quite a few people that present with posterior tibial tendinitis, especially athletic people. There are many conservative and surgical options available. 


One of the most recent and advanced medical technology this platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy. This process releases growth factors and bioactive molecules when the platelets are activated. Platelets are part of the normal repair process and injecting platelet rich plasma can accelerate the healing process. This is typically harvested from patient’s own blood and injected into the site of pain. Over the last few years there has been extensive discussion about platelet rich plasma and the results continue to be promising. For athletic patients this can be quicker than typical surgical repair and patients have no surgical scar. Regenerative medicine has emerged as an alternative approach to typical surgical repair and we're excited to offer platelet rich plasma and stem cell therapy at our practice. This is not only successful for posterior tibial tendinitis can be also applied other tendinitis including Achilles tendinitis and plantar fasciitis. 


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