Natural Bunion Treatments

It is not surprising that many patients ask about natural bunion treatments and ways to avoid bunion surgery. There are ways to reduce bunion pain and slow the progression of a bunion. The best way to understand what caused your bunion to begin with is helpful. Read about what causes bunions.

There are many pads, bunion splints, and orthotic devices available over the counter that can help in the treatment of bunions. However, unless your bunions have been properly evaluated it is not likely that most people will know what device is best for their type of bunion. It is not that there are many different types of bunions, the issue is understanding the cause, progression and severity of your bunion that dictates what actions will provide the most benefit to a patient. Many websites and even doctors sites sell different types of bunion relief pads, splints and other devices and claim they are the best. Many of these devices are effective at reducing the pain associated with a bunion and may slow the progression, however they are unable to tell you which device is best for your specific situation.

Every patients feet are different, everyone has a different gait and pressure points on their feet when they hit the ground are different. Therefore, determining the best device for your bunions requires evaluation. Often prescription orthotics provide the best relief. Painless 3-D imaging is performed to obtain a digital scan of your feet and pressure points are identified. This information is used to craft exacting shoe inserts that provide the best relief for many patients. There are many myths about natural bunion treatments, however the most effective natural bunion treatments use splints, pads, orthotics and may include some minor modifications to footwear and activities. If the pain is severe and the bunion is preventing you from participating in activities, you may consider surgery. However, surgery is only recommended after natural bunion treatments and non-surgical bunion treatments have been exhausted.

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