Lumps and Bumps on the Top of the Foot



The top of the midfoot is a common area to have foot problems. It's a very common area to have a bump on the top the midfoot.  These bumps can be due to underlying arthritis (like degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis). The most common location of this would be the second metatarsal-cuneiform joint. This is where an arthritic spur or osteophyte tends to form. There is irritation of the joint both deep inside the joint and on top. The reactive bone builds up on the top forming a large lump that can be painful in shoes. The pain can be both from the pressure from the bump and also from the underlying arthritis. 


You can have a similar situation with the first metatarsal-cuneiform joint. This is a bit different because some people get a bump here without significant arthritis and this is often in a high arch foot type. This particular point in the arch can be the apex of the arch when one thinks about a triangle it's the top of the triangle in regard to the top of the arch also. Another common cause of bumps on the top of the foot is a ganglion cyst. He had a less common bump would be a gouty tophi or deposit of uric acid. The good news is these are simple things to evaluate and determine what is actually causing this whether it is because of bone spur or ganglion cyst or other soft tissue issue.


If you have concerns like this please feel free to contact myself–Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson



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