Laser Bunion Surgery

X-ray of a bunion

Bunion deformities are related to a misalignment of bones in the foot. They are often an inherited foot disorder that can be exacerbated by activities, shoe gear and trauma.  Patients often  encounter advertisements for laser bunion surgery which guarantee less pain then traditional bunion surgeries. However, these are nothing more than a gimmick and no laser has the ability to correct a bunion deformity.

In order to correct the majority of bunions, bone must be cut and moved in order to realign the toe. This often can require a pin or screw to hold the bone in place once it is transposed.  Most bunion procedures can be performed in an outpatient surgery center, requiring no trip to the hospital.  Patients usually walk within the first couple of days and require minimal pain control.  Recovery from bunion surgery usually takes 6 weeks to 5 months depending on what procedure is performed. 

In addition to surgical correction of bunions, there are ways to slow down the progression of bunion deformities.  They are as follows:

After proper evaluation of a patient's specific situation, recommendations can be made. 

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