It's That Time of Year Again, When Your Deductibles Reset

Ouch!  It is nice to know that your overall out-of-pocket expenses will be significantly less at our state of the art certified surgical center.  There are several fees to consider including the surgeon's fee and the facility fee.  The facility fee at our surgical center is a fraction of that compared to having your foot or ankle surgery done at the local hospital.  
Our certified ambulatory surgical center (ASC) has to follow guidelines that are often virtually the same or similar to those of the hospital. Take a look at our surgical facility for yourself!
To help minimize the risk of infection and to benefit your health and safety,  strict guidelines are followed at Foot and Ankle Surgical Center of Issaquah.  We treat you like family!  In fact, many of our family members and close friends do come here to have their procedures done at our facility.  
Our goal is to treat you in the safest possible manner and help maximize the best possible outcome. Each year, hundreds of our patients have surgical treatment for their foot or ankle condition at our facility.  Our patients enjoy the best quality care and our surgical facility consistently receives outstanding reviews from our patients.  This is a great reflection on our facility our surgeons and our staff.  If you do need foot or ankle surgery, we can have our billing service check your benefits and determine your out-of-pocket portion.  
Please contact our clinic at Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists: Dr. Brandon Nelson and Dr. Timothy Young.
Tel: 425-391-8666 
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