How To Reduce Foot Pain While Standing All Day

How To Reduce Foot Pain While Standing All Day

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Does your work involve standing on your feet all day long?

Whether you work in a restaurant, a hair salon, or a school, taking care of tired feet is an effort that can't be ignored. When your feet don't have the proper support, your legs, knees, and ankles suffer due to not ‘standing’ properly.

What Can You Do To Reduce Standing-Related Injuries?

There are many things you can do to minimize the problems related to prolonged standing. Here are some easy steps you could make to get you through your day while preventing or at least minimizing damage to your feet and ankles.

Take Frequent Short Breaks

Find the time to be seated if you are standing for extended periods. Take advantage of your break time and relax your feet and leg.

Wear Comfy and Supportive Footwear

Make sure you invest into nice, comfortable shoes. There are many choices, such as Nike and Adidas, but make sure they fit well and you feel comfortable wearing them for several hours a day. 

Get Customized Orthotics

Prescription Orthotics are custom medical appliances that were traditionally made from a cast of your foot. We are now using the latest technology that records three dimensional images of your feet. Your foot is placed in its best functional position and then scanned using the scanner pictured to the right. The images are used as a form to make the custom orthotics. The doctor completes a unique prescription, depending upon your specific problem and foot type. From this, the orthotic fits inside of your shoe to change and improve the biomechanics of your gait. Orthotics may be prescribed for a variety of specific applications including running shoes, soccer shoes and ski boots. They fit your feet perfectly!

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