How to Get The Best Outcomes for Bunion Surgery

The goal for most patients with bunion surgery is correction of the bunion deformity with the best procedure that provides great long-term outcomes. Bunion surgery can provide predictable consistent results. With proper procedure selection, patients are extremely happy and have great long-term results. There are over 100 different procedures for bunion deformities with the majority focusing on fusions, osteotomies and soft tissue balancing procedures. The most tried and true method continues to be the tarsal metatarsal arthrodesis.

This often allows for more of a triplanar correction as well as stabilization of large bunions and hypermobile foot structures. This procedure, the Lapidus bunionectomy has been around for years and provides clear correction of all 3 cardinal planes. We continue to read literature stating the importance of correcting the frontal plane deformity and realigning the sesamoids for the best long-term outcomes. If you have a bunion and would like to have an opinion as to whether or not you’re candidate for long-term surgical fix please give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online.

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