How to Fix Hammertoes

Hammertoes are a common pathology of the lower extremity. Quite a few people have a bunion associated with hammertoes and this makes it a little more challenging to fix. The hammertoe can be created from a much different pathology. The most common pathology, however, is from a compensatory mechanism to stabilize the foot structure. The most common being the flexor tendons on the bottom of the foot firing to help control somebody with flatfoot for an unstable arch.

Hammertoes can be broken down and into different types, one being a flexible hammertoe deformity and the second being a fixed hammertoe deformity. Flexible hammertoe deformities are often amenable to conservative measures like calf stretching and bracing. However the majority of fixed hammertoes require surgical intervention. There are many different types of procedures that can be done for hammertoes and the majorities are done in outpatient procedure setting and can be performed in less than 30 minutes. Hammertoes can continue to progress so early intervention is key to slowing down the deformity itself. Make an appointment to see a foot and ankle specialist today or give us a call at 425-391-8666.

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