Hammer Toes

Hammer toes are a common condition that we see at our practice. They are often painful and uncomfortable for patients to exercise or even walk with. The most common digit we see affected by hammering is the second digit. Hammer toes can often occur with a bunion and if left untreated can become what is called a cross over toe. There are quite a few different treatment options for hammer toes. It depends on the root cause and the amount of deformity that is present. Some hammer toes are slight and do not need any treatment, more extreme hammer toes may require surgery.

The underlying cause of the hammer toe needs to always be addressed or else they will continue to progress. Some patients with time will see all their digits affected and shoe gear can become an issue. Another common area of foot we see this occur in are the 4th and 5th digits or the baby toe and the one next to it. Sometimes these two digits can develop a painful corn between them and cause a significant amount of pain. We don’t recommend over the counter corn treatment products as they can create sores and infections. A bone spur can be present between these two digits so an x-ray is warranted. We have been treating hammer toes for years and have treated thousands of them. If you would like yours evaluated please give us a call at 425-391-8666 or contact us online.

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