Fun Feet Facts

  • Did you know that every time you lift your heels, you are forcing your to carry half your total weight?
  • One of your feet is probably bigger than the other one! It's rare for both feet to be the same size.
  • Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of Peripheral Vascular Disease (disease of the arteries of the feet).
  • On an average day, your feet produces hundreds of tons of force, the equivalent of a cement truck!
  • Walking is probably the most ideal exercise for your feet. It helps you improve circulation and also helps you control your weight.
  • Three out of four Americans will have foot problems at one point in their lives. 
  • On average, people will walk 115,000 miles in their lifetime -- that's more than 4 times the circumference of Earth!
  • One out of every four bones in your body are found in your feet!
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