Foot & Ankle Injuries In Baseball


Baseball season is just around the corner and foot and ankle injuries are commonplace with this warm weather sport. One of the most likely injuries with baseball is the ankle sprain. The ankle sprain can occur on the inside of the ankle, the outside of the ankle or even a high ankle sprain. The ankle sprain can lead to permanent pain or disability and is important to have evaluated. Initial treatment should be ice and an anti-inflammatory and no weight bearing until evaluated by a podiatrist. If pain and swelling persist it could be necessary to obtain and MRI to rule out any soft tissue damage.

Another common injury is heel pain, this can be from plantar fasciitis, heel bursitis or even a bone bruise to the heel bone. Players often experience pain with their first couple steps or pain at the end of the day. Stretching of the calf and icing of the heel are usually very helpful for this condition. However, it is important to have this evaluated to prevent it from getting worse and decrease the amount of time a player will be dealing with this condition. Overall, we recommend players do a warm up and then take a good 10 minutes to work on stretching of the lower extremity. Good luck and play ball!

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