Flatfeet in Children(Pes Planus), a discusion of the flatfoot

This is part 2 of common conditions in our pediatric population:

childrens flat feetThe pediatric foot is a complex instrument that must be carefully evaluated.  Issaquah Foot & Ankle Specialists treat a variety of pediatric foot and ankle problems in patients from Issaquah, Sammamish, Bellevue and the greater Seattle area.  We have both the experience and knowledge to intervene when appropriate.  Your child will not always "outgrow" their foot or ankle problems.


What is it?


flatfoot is a complex disorder that can manifest early in the ambulatory phase of life.  It displays collapse of the arch of the foot and often a tight Achilles tendon.  Most children begin walking with a flatfoot but quickly develop into a propulsive gait. There are varying degrees of flatfeet and a strong genetic predisposition to the development of.  Parents with a history of flatfeet must have there children carefully evaluated by a foot and ankle specialist early in life. 


Children with flatfeet often have difficulty running or participating in sports.  They may develop foot and ankle pain, pain at the end of the day or a feeling of fatigue in the lower extremity.  In addition children can develop low back pain, hip or knee pain as well. 


Diagnosis usually involve a physical exam of the foot.  This will often include testing of muscle strength and observation of gait.  X-rays will be ordered to evaluate the extent of the flatfoot and which of the cardinal planes is dominate. 


Treatment depends on the presenting symptoms, some flatfeet require no treatment.  Progressive or painful flatfeet may require, activity modification, immobilization, physical therapy, prescription orthotics or even surgical correction. 

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