Cartiva Implants

This is the first and only FDA approved synthetic cartilage for the treatment of Hallux Rigidus. This implant has been proven now with clinical data out almost 7 years. It is a great alternative to fusion that helps to maintain motion of the joint. It is a quick procedure that is easy to recover from and provides lasting results. Patients often experience very little pain and can walk immediately after surgery. The unique biomechanical polymer mimics natural cartilage and helps the joint glide smoothly.

The data supports a 97% reduction in pain, 176% improvement in function and a 93% patient satisfaction. We have had quite a few patients that have undergone this procedure and could not be happier. They have benefited from our onsite surgery center which saves time and money. This procedure is great for active patients that want to maintain joint function and avoid a fusion. We can even help you get insurance approval. If you have Hallux Rigidus or Limitus and are thinking about surgery schedule a consolation today to see if you are a candidate for Cartiva.

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