Cartiva Implant for Big Toe Arthritis

One of the latest procedures for arthritis of the big toe involves the use of an implant to eliminate pain and maintain motion. Traditionally, we have elected to fuse or arthrodesis the big toe. However this gold standard is shifting. A lot of patients want to maintain motion or movement of the big toe for activities like yoga. We are seeing quite a few patients elect for an implant of the big toe instead of the fusion.

The recovery is much quicker, the procedure takes less time and is less invasive. We are seeing promising results with the Cartiva Implant and are excited to be offering this at our clinic. With our own surgery center we can provide a significant time and cost savings. Instead of patients staying at the hospital for half a day we can usually get patients in and out in hours. The Cartiva is a great advancement in the care of the arthritic joint and we are excited to see where it take our patients. Give us a call at 425-391-8666 or make an appointment online today.

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