Bunions: Symptoms and Treatment

Bunions occur when the bone at the base of the big toe becomes misaligned, which causes the joint to move out of place.  Bunions are a progressive disorder and gradually become worse over the years.  Bunions are often caused by an inherited faulty mechanical structure of the foot.  The bunion itself is not inherited, but the type of foot that is prone to developing a bunion.  Shoes will not cause bunions to form, but ones that crowd the toes can occasionally make the bunion progressively worse. 

Some people never experience symptoms when they have a bunion, but others might notice the following at the site of the bunion:
-pain, soreness or tenderness
-inflammation and redness
-a burning sensation
-possible numbness
Spending long periods of time on your feet can aggravate symptoms and wearing shoes that crowd the toes can cause symptoms to appear.  

Bunions are readily apparent and should be evaluated by us as soon as they are noticed.  The evaluation will determine how much the bunion has progressed and what treatment plan should be used.  Early treatments are aimed at easing pain, but they won't reverse the bunion itself.  Try some of the following tips for pain relief:
-Ice the bunion several times a day to reduce inflammation and swelling.
-Wear shoes that have a wide toe box and avoid pointed toes or high heels which can aggravate the bunion. 
-Avoid activities that cause bunion pain, such as standing for long periods of time.  
-Place pads over the bunion to help minimize the pain.  Come see us for proper padding. 
-In some cases, orthotics can be successfully used in treating bunion pain.  We provide custom-made orthotics and would be happy to fit you for a pair.  

If non-surgical treatments fail to relieve bunion pain, surgery options may come into play.  There are a variety of surgical procedures that are available and we are proudly able to provide those in ourambulatory surgery center in our office.  

If you are experiencing bunion pain, please contact us at (425) 391-8666.
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