Bunions and Second Toe Capsulitis Part 2

We have previously discussed the relationship of the first metatarsal and bunions to problems with the second toe and the second metatarsal. This includes dislocation of the second metatarsal phalangeal joint (MTP joint) the same basic premise applies. We have to address both the dislocation of the second MTP joint directly and we also have to realign and repair the entire first metatarsal and the bunion. This may involve stabilizing the first metatarsal cuneiform joint with a fusion as part of the bunion repair.


Regarding the second MTP joint, we often would have to consider a plantar plate repair (capsule repair) or direct repair of the capsule and possible transfer of the flexor tendon that goes to the tip of the second toe and on the bottom of the joint. We utilized this tendon to help keep the toe from dislocating upward out of position.

If you have concerns regarding bunions or second toe problems or even capsulitis specifically, we would be happy to see you in consultation either myself, or my partner Dr. Nelson.

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