Bunion Surgery

When people are considering bunion surgery there are many factors to consider. First it is recommended that all more conservative, non surgical bunion treatments are exhausted. However, if your bunions are painful and cause you to restrict your activities or are painful during everyday activities bunion surgery may be considered.

Non Surgical Bunion Treatments

These include padding the area, bunion splints, change of footwear or modifying existing footwear. There are dozens of non surgical treatments available and just as many surgical procedures to treat bunions. However, most non surgical bunion treatments do not actually correct a bunion. Non surgical bunion treatments typically address the issue of pain and may slow the progression of a bunion. The most effective non surgical bunion treatment can be determined by an evaluation by a podiatrist that will recommend a style of padding or device for your unique case. Our most popular and most successful options include prescription orthotics for bunions and various styles of splints. Most over the counter orthotics are unable to address specific issues, especially foot deformities which a bunion is classified as. Custom made orthotics can provide the relief for bunions and address any other conditions such as gait abnormalities that can lead to pain.

More information about non surgical bunion treatments is available on our site. Or next post will highlight some of the common procedures used in bunion surgery.


Surgical Bunion Treatment

Bunion sugery is by far one of the most common procedures performed at the Bellevue Surgery Center. This common deformity can be easily corrected with the appropriate procedure. Most of the time, Bunion deformity correction involves surgery of the first metatarsal and involves cutting the head of the bone where the base of the bone is. The bone that was cut is now relocated into proper position and often held in place by a screw or plate. Bunion surgery can be very successful as long as the appropriate procedure is sleected. We highly recommend making sure you see a surgeon who performs a lot of bunionectomies. We have performed thousands of procedures at the Bellevue Foot Surgery Center. Bunion surgery should be a relatively easy process and we have an established protocol with outlines and handouts that will take you through the entire process. We see a lot of second opinions and failed bunionectomies because proper procedures were not selected in the first place.

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