Bunion Surgery With Faster Healing

Bunion Surgery With Faster Healing
There are different types of bunion surgeries.  The majority involves soft tissue and bone healing. In general the more corrective bunion surgeries would either involve repositioning of the bone at the head of the first metatarsal or the base of the first metatarsal in the midfoot.  Either way we want to maximize bone healing and soft tissue healing.
So here are some of our strategies and treatments.
Prior to surgery, blood is drawn for PRP or platelet rich plasma. During the surgery itself, before closing the incision the platelet rich plasma is irrigated throughout the entire wound to maximize healing of the soft tissue and bone.
During the surgery itself, if there is major bone healing or a fusion is required then autogenous (using yourself as the donor and not cadaver bone) bone graft Is harvested and implanted during the surgery itself at the fusion site.  
After the surgery patients take special nutrients to maximize healing.  This includes Ortho Pro Bono which is a bone healing super nutrient available at our clinic. After the surgery bone stimulation therapy can also be done.  This can be one of several different technologies that maximize bone healing and enhance bone healing.  These are not always covered by insurance.
Physical therapy including electrical stimulation also can enhance soft tissue healing and maximize postprocedure range of motion.A special cast can be made out of fiberglass and then split and a special walking heel applied to allow for those patients that have a midfoot fusion to put weight on the heel which helps reduce atrophy compared to non weight bearing status.
If you would like to find out more information about this advanced treatment approach.  Please contact our office, either myself Dr. Timothy Young, or my partner Dr. Brandon Nelson.
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