Are Your Feet Up to Par for Golfing?

As you tee off this weekend, make sure your feet are up to par and in good condition.  Hours spent walking and not positioning your feet properly during your golf swing can cause foot pain and severe problems for some golfers.

The most common golf-related injury is neuroma.  If the golfer swings the club right-handed, the neuroma occurs in the left foot and vice versa. The nerves in the toe joints can become pinched and irritated when shifting weight from one foot to another during your golf swing.  The symptoms include burning, numbness and shooting pain into the toes.

As your body transfers weight from one foot to the other during your swing, the nerves in the ball of your foot may also become compressed and overused, causing pain.  Overuse on your big toe joint by bending the back foot too far can possibly lead to painful arthritis.

Chronic heel pain and inflammation can lead to plantar fasciitis, which can prevent you from keeping a solid stance and ultimately affect your swing too.  Persistent actions can cause overuse of the injury and make the condition worse for you.

Any of these conditions can affect your overall golfing performance.   If you are experiencing continued pain and discomfort - it is best to discontinue playing right away and contact a Podiatrist for treatment. 

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