Ankle Sprains Continue to be a Common Injury in Sports

Ankle sprains continue to be the one of the most common injuries in all of Athletics. We see quite a few ankle sprains from pediatrics playing basketball to mature athletes playing tennis. The most common type of ankle sprain continues to be the inversion-type were your foot rolls inward. In addition it continues to be one of the most undertreated injuries in healthcare.

Quite a few people still think ankle sprains or minor injury and they can be treated for home. The previously prescribed treatment regime of “PRICE” which stands for "Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate" no longer is appropriate in all cases. Untreated ankle sprains can lead to long-term ankle instability and ankle arthritis. Anybody that has an ankle sprain we stress importance of being evaluated as soon as possible to avoid these long-term complications.

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