Advanced Therapy Options for Shin Splints

The weather is turning and we are all getting outdoors to enjoy it. Some of the more common conditions that begin to come into the office with this change are stress fractures and shin splints. Shin splints, or medial tibial stress syndrome, usually occurs with increased activities especially running. This syndrome is often characterized by pain running along the inside of one's legs or shin. There is typically no swelling and pain slowly increases with more physical activity. The average patient that develops shin splints have a foot that is pronating or flattening out too much.

In addition, usually a tight calf muscle is present and a recent change in activities. We have perfected an advanced protocol that is highly successful for patients with shin splints. Our clinic specializes in modern therapies for athletes that allow them to continue to exercise and resolve the pathology at hand. Shockwave therapy or EPAT, increases blood supply to the irritated tibia and helps restore muscle function. EPAT, extracorporeal Pulse Activation Technology has been used on Olympic and professional athletes alike to help them return to activates faster and healthier. We have used this for years on our shin splint patients in conjunction with a prescription orthotic and stretching exercises and have seen excellent results. If you are sidelined and are ready to enjoy the summer please come visit us and we will help get you back on your feet.

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