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Preoperative and postoperative bunionectomy and tailor's bunion xrays


Bunions and tailor's bunions can be painful foot conditions that interfere with a patients ability to stay active and healthy. Bunions, also called metatarsus primus varus and tailor's bunions, also called a bunionettes can be treated conservatively or with bunion surgery.  The causes of bunions are attributed to genetics, activity level, trauma or shoe gear.

Bunion picture

  • This drawing depicts a bunion, the bunion becomes pronounced as the big toe begins to drift towards the outside of the foot

I recently had a patient present to the clinic with increased foot pain.  No family history of foot pain and no trauma to the foot.  Here are the preoperative xrays.


preoperative xray









  • Lateral preoperative view of the foot


preoperative xray of bunion and tailor's bunion




If you notice this image shows how this patient suffered from both a bunion and tailor's bunion. The left (big toe) and right (small toe) both bowed outward and there is a bony growth on the interior of the left toe.





  • Preoperative xrays of the bunion and tailors bunion

The patient under went a bunionectomy and bunionette correction at our surgery center.  The patient required only intravenous sedation and was walking within the first week. 

postoperative xray
















 Postoperative xray of the correctepostoperative xrayd bunion and tailor's bunion

 After the corrective surgery the bony growth has been removed and both toes were straightend. As a result of the surgery the patient is up and walking around again without the pain they were experiencing from the bunions.

If you have questions about bunions and tailor's bunions here is more information.

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